The Difference Between PCB And PCBA And Its Future Development

- Jan 16, 2017-

According to the survey found that many small and medium-sized electronic products manufacturers, in order to save back in the procurement of PCB, but also go to contact patch manufacturers trouble. More and more electronics manufacturers, will choose to allow PCB manufacturers in the production of PCB contemporary processing patch, or to replace the purchase of PCB chip manufacturers. These two models, electronic products manufacturer, get the hand of the circuit board, you can directly use the assembly to produce finished products. Many manufacturers can only produce PCB, unconditional processing PCBA, will need to lose the processing of contemporary customers. Such customers have the ability to choose the same time the manufacturers, or choose patch factory, so that SMD PCB on behalf of procurement. Many people may ask why the SMT factory can purchase PCB, PCB factory why not contact patch factory. SMT manufacturers purchase PCB is a very simple thing, just to allow customers to provide production drawings and production process can be. And the PCB market price is very transparent, easy to purchase, while the PCB manufacturers due to a variety of components and prices of products do not understand. It is difficult to contact SMD patch production, can only focus on the production of all the PCB above.

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