Silicone Keys Have Strong Adhesion And Abrasion Resistance

- Oct 17, 2017-

Communications, the rapid development of the electronics industry, silicone key production has also developed into a mature technology. These key products from the silicone molding through high temperature molding, the formation of the key button surface, and then after spraying, screen printing, Silicone Rubber Keypads punching and other processes to form. Here the silicone screen printing process for this preliminary discussion. Silicone key production in the use of a good performance advantages and value, in accordance with certain processes and standards for good control, Silicone Rubber Keypads so that it can produce good value and contribution in a certain industry has important performance.

Silicone key features:

As the key material of the silica gel, the hardness is generally around 45 °, the printing of a single bond surface convex, concave orphid and plane, all for the field line printing. Printing in addition to the requirements of accurate location, graphic clear, but also requires ink for printing silicone rubber, Silicone Rubber Keypads ink layer to a certain thickness, a strong adhesion and wear resistance, high temperature baking does not change color and so on. So it is on the screen printing technology to put forward more special technical requirements. If the tensile tension is unstable, may cause the font offset and fuzzy, there are strings of substrates caused by ink layer thickness difference. Plane orthographic printing need tension large screen, Silicone Rubber Keypads there are arc surface of the need to use a small screen tension, the application of the screen tension range is 3N / Cm ~ 7N / Cm. The general tension of the screen with a short service life, the process should be selected according to need: printed conductive ink with 100 mesh straight yarn screen, printed characters, color with 200 ~ 300 mesh oblique screen to ensure that the thickness of ink and graphic The integrity of the.

Silicone keys, also known as silicone keys, silicone rubber key presses. Is made of silicone as raw material through the vulcanization machine made of silicone key products, commonly known as "silicone button." Silicone keys are a class of silicone products, and silicone keys have good resistance to high pressure, wear resistance, reliability, durability.

High pressure: the use of high-quality silicone raw materials, and special surface treatment technology, testing can withstand 110KV breakdown.

Reliability: Original double conductive carbon particle structure, than the traditional single-carbon structure of the reliability of the increase has doubled.

 Anti-wear: Silicone surface with a unique concave design, Silicone Rubber Keypads to solve the unique process of printing on the issue, to ensure that the key font permanent clear.

Durability: the use of high-quality silicone raw materials, through the life test, the detection of the number of up to 200 million times, far more than the industry's 500,000 times the life.

Raw materials: the use of food grade silicone raw materials

Vulcanization molding: vulcanization molding using flat vulcanizing machine, according to the vulcanization machine functions are manual, automatic and vacuum models, mold with the upper and lower layers of male and female die (special button has three models or even multi-mode), Silicone Rubber Keypads the production to On the first to open the mother model, the public model into the conductive adhesive black particles and sliced the amount of silicone material keys.

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