Production Process Of PCBA

- Jul 27, 2017-

Characteristics of PCBA

In the PCBA production process, because of equipment and operators of various possible factors, it is impossible to ensure that the production of PCBA are all good mouth. This requires the production of various processes to add a variety of testing equipment and testing tools to ensure that the factory all the actual circuit board with the design of a variety of specifications and parameters are exactly the same.

PCBA is the English printed circuit board +assembly abbreviation, that is, PCB empty board through the SMT, and then after the whole process of dip plug-ins, referred to as the PCBA.

The difference between PCBA and PCB:

From the above the introduction can know that the PCBA refers to a processing process, can also be understood as the finished circuit board, PCB board on the process has been completed to calculate the PCBA. And PCB refers to an empty printed circuit board, there is no part.

With the high speed and high performance of the electronic machine, the encapsulation technology has been developed rapidly. The chip size encapsulation CSP and BGA package are developed to the multiple lead end and narrow lead spacing, and the bare chip (bare chip) encapsulation is also practical. PCBA Due to the progress of these packaging technologies, the PCB (printed wiring board) also presents new requirements (adapted to high-density encapsulation and high speed requirements).

Before the manufacturer of electronic products, to complete a complete circuit board production, usually need to purchase the PCB first back, and then to contact the patch manufacturers, processing, PCBA the process is very cumbersome, costing a lot. Nowadays, many manufacturers are willing to choose PCB manufacturers in the production of PCB at the same time processing patches, or to allow the patch manufacturers to replace the procurement of PCB, both ways to save a lot of trouble, speed up the production efficiency. and PCBA manufacturers can achieve these two fast and efficient processing methods.

PCB Procurement and SMT processing is two different methods of production, PCBA a lot of electronics manufacturers only one way, which requires the electronic products manufacturers in the selection of PCBA processing plants, to consider the strength of the factory, the choice of experienced, PCBA can be excellent completion of the entire processing process manufacturers.

A variety of electronic devices through the surface packaging process assembled on the circuit board. Next is box assembly, will assemble the PCB with the shell and so on to assemble, PCBA forms the finished product. In other words, PCB board through the SMT, and then after the whole process of the dip plug-in, referred to as PCBA.

PCBA may be understood as the finished circuit board, also on the circuit board of the process is completed before the PCBA.

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