PCBA Test Methods And Characteristics

- Aug 21, 2017-

PCBA is the English Printed Circuit Board + Assembly referred to, that is, after the PCB board empty pieces, and then through the DIP plug-in the entire process, referred to as PCBA.

PCBA, also known as printed circuit boards, printed circuit boards, often use the English abbreviation PCB (Printed circuit board), is an important electronic components, is the electronic components of the support, is the electronic component line connection provider. PCBA Because it is made using electronic printing technology, it is called "printed" circuit board.

Before the printed circuit board appears, the interconnection between the electronic components is to rely on the direct connection of the wire to form a complete line. Now, PCBA the circuit breadboard is only as an effective experimental tool exists, and printed circuit board in the electronics industry has become occupied by the absolute dominance of the position.

PCBA test methods and characteristics

PCBA Chinese name for the real circuit board or assembly circuit board, is the PCB installed components of the circuit board, such as installed resistance, capacitance, inductance, interface, IC and tin on the circuit board PCBA in the mass production process, PCBA due to Equipment and the operator of the various possible factors, PCBA it is impossible to ensure that the production of PCBA all are good mouth. This requires the production of various processes to join a variety of test equipment and test tools to ensure that the factory all the real-mounted circuit board and design a variety of specifications and parameters exactly the same. Therefore, PCBA test methods are mainly, SPI: solder paste height detector, AOI: optical detection instrument, ATE: local function of the online tester, you can do the local functional test products, FCT: product features tester another , Aging test, stability test, PCBA vibration test and other special test methods

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