PCBA Manufacturers Meet Customer Production Requirements

- Jun 08, 2017-

PCBA manufacturers are committed to providing customers with all-round SMT patch, PCBA proofing, DIP plug-in, welding, test assembly and other processing business, and engaged in LED display product development, production, PCBA Manufacturer sales and engineering support services. Is equipped with eight international advanced level SMT surface mount production line, four welding lines, four DIP plug-in line, four computer control test equipment and assembly line, more than 4,00 employees, PCBA Manufacturer to provide customers with high-quality electronic manufacturing service.

PCBA manufacturers with hardware: panasonic series of high-speed placement machine 8; YAMAHA series of six-chip; 16 temperature zone (Jin extension) lead-free reflow 3; automatic printing press 8, automatic spray dual-peak ( Jin extension) wave furnace 2; LED lights cut legs 8; AOI automatic detection machine 2, PCBA Manufacturer other auxiliary equipment.

PCBA manufacturers to provide you with (purchase) materials, PCBA processing production, loading, distribution as one of the one-stop service

SMT processing professionals with the docking staff, to provide you with one to one intimate service

To provide you with smart phone information push, real-time control of PCBA processing production dynamics

Has an independent industrial park, the scale of PCBA processing production base.

Advanced SMT high-speed production equipment, PCBA Manufacturer and anti-static facilities.

To ensure that the production of each product to meet customer, and market demand

Stable suppliers to ensure that our production needs to meet the customer's PCBA processing production requirements

Passed QC, AOI, FCT and other strict testing and testing

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