PCBA Is Posted On The PCB

- Aug 09, 2017-

PCBA is the English Printed Circuit Board + Assembly short, that is, after the PCB board by SMT, and then through the DIP plug-in the entire process, referred to as PCBA. This is a commonly used method of writing, and in Europe and the United States is the standard written PCB 'A, is added to the ramp point. PCBA, is posted on the PCB.

The PCBA assembles a variety of electronic devices on a circuit board through a surface mount process. Next is the box assembly, PCBA the assembled PCB and the shell assembled, forming the finished product.

Pcba base material

Substrate is generally based on the insulation of the substrate for classification, common raw materials for the board, glass fiberboard, and all kinds of plastic sheet. The PCB manufacturers will generally be a glass fiber, non-woven materials, PCBA and resin composed of insulating parts, and then epoxy resin and copper foil pressed into "adhesive" (prepreg) use.

The common substrate and the main ingredients are:

FR-1-phenolic cotton paper, PCBA which is commonly known as bakelite (higher than FR-2 economy)

FR-2 - Phenolic cotton paper,

FR-3 ─ cotton paper (Cottpaper), epoxy resin

FR-4 ─ Woven glass, epoxy resin

FR-5 ─ glass cloth, epoxy resin

FR-6 ─ Matte glass, polyester

G-10 ─ glass cloth, epoxy resin

CEM-1 - cotton paper, epoxy (flame retardant)

CEM-2 ─ cotton paper, epoxy resin (non-flame retardant)

CEM-3 ─ glass cloth, epoxy resin

CEM-4 ─ glass cloth, epoxy resin

CEM-5 ─ glass cloth, multi-ester

AIN - aluminum nitride

SIC - Silicon carbide

As the production of PCBA in the second half of electronic equipment manufacturing, it has become the electronics industry downstream industry. PCBA Almost all of the electronic equipment needs to support, so the printed circuit board is the world's electronic components in the market share of the highest share of products. At present, Japan, China, Taiwan, PCBA Western Europe and the United States as the main printed circuit board manufacturing base.

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