PCBA Is Finished Circuit Board

- Jun 08, 2017-

The PCBA assembles a variety of electronic devices on a circuit board through a surface mount process. The next step is to assemble the PCB with the shell assembled to form a finished product. That is, after the PCB board empty pieces, and then through the DIP plug-in the entire process, referred to as PCBA. This is a commonly used in the domestic wording, and in Europe and the United States is written standard PCB'A, PCBA is added to the ramp point. PCBA, is posted on the PCB.

PCBA may be understood as finished circuit board, also on the circuit board are completed after the process can be considered PCBA.

Typically, a conductive pattern formed on a insulating material, PCBA a predetermined design, a printed circuit, a printed element, or a combination of both, is referred to as a printed circuit. And in the insulating substrate to provide electrical connections between the components of the conductive pattern, known as the printed circuit. This will put the printed circuit or printed circuit board known as the printed circuit board, PCBA also known as printed circuit board or printed circuit board.

Use voltage

The voltage applied between the PCBA and the varistor terminals should be kept below the large allowable circuit voltage. If the wrong use, will lead to product failure, PCBA a short circuit, may produce fever. The use of voltage PCBA for the rated voltage below, but in the continuous application of high frequency voltage or pulse voltage circuit used, be sure to fully study the reliability of varistors.

The higher the amount of welding, the pressure of the varistor will also increase, PCBA and will lead to component surface cracks and other quality problems, so the circuit board design, according to the amount of welding should be set according to the appropriate shape and size.

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