Mobile Medical Devices Drive Smart Wear

- Jan 16, 2017-

In the aspect of technology related to intelligent wear devices, since the Bluetooth technology evolved to version 4.0, it has the features of ultra low power consumption, easy connection and high device penetration, which makes the technical application of Bluetooth version 4.0, Version of the more imaginative space and flexibility, Bluetooth Technology Alliance in December 2013 notice Bluetooth 4.1 technical specifications set, is expected to collect and provide personalized personal information services, play the Internet of Things (Internet of Things; IoT) and intelligence The infrastructure role in the wear device.

At present there are many industry, the use of Bluetooth 4.x technology as a smart phone and computer equipment to connect the communication interface, such as in sports and fitness, sportswear manufacturer Nike Nike + service, Communications technology, the well-known health physiology applications Jawbone launched in 2014, second-generation smart bracelet UP24, Bluetooth is also the use of low-power communication technology.

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