MCPCB Has High Thermal Conductivity

- Jun 21, 2017-

MCPCB refers to the metal-based printed circuit board (Metal Core PCB, MCPCB), that is, the original printed circuit board attached to another heat conduction effect of better metal, can improve the circuit board level of heat.

However, the MCPCB is also limited and can not exceed 140 ° C during operation of the circuit system. This is mainly due to the characteristics of the Dielectric Layer (also known as Insulated Layer), and no more than 250 ° C in the manufacturing process ~ 300 ℃, MCPCB which in the tin furnace before the need to know in advance.

Although the MCPCB has better thermal dissipation than the FR4 PCB, the dielectric layer of the MCPCB has no good thermal conductivity, and the conduction bottleneck between the heat sink and the metal core. But still better than the FR4 PCB, the existing MCPCB has reached 3W / m.K, while the FR4 only 0.3W / m.K.

Mcpcb structure by the circuit layer (copper foil layer), thermal insulation layer and metal base composition. The circuit layer requires a large current carrying capacity, which should be used thicker copper foil, the thickness of the general 35μm ~ 280μm; thermal insulation layer is the PCB aluminum core technology lies, it is generally filled with special ceramic special polymer Composition, small thermal resistance, MCPCB excellent viscoelastic properties, with the ability to heat aging, able to withstand mechanical and thermal stress. IMS-H01, IMS-H02 and LED-0601 and other high-performance PCB aluminum substrate thermal insulation layer is the use of this technology, it has a very good thermal conductivity and high strength electrical insulation properties; metal substrate is aluminum The support member, which requires a high thermal conductivity, is generally an aluminum plate, or a copper plate (which can provide better thermal conductivity), MCPCB suitable for conventional machining such as drilling, punching and cutting. Process requirements are: gold-plated, spray tin, osp anti-oxidation, immersion gold, lead-free spray tin.

Mcpcb metal-based heat sink (including mcpcb, mcpcb copper substrate, mcpcb iron substrate) is a unique metal-based CCL, it has good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation properties and mechanical processing performance.

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