Introduction To SMT Common Knowledge

- Jan 16, 2017-

1. In general, the SMT workshop temperature is 25 ± 3 ℃.

2. Paste printing, the required materials and tools to prepare Paste, steel, scraper, wipe paper, clean paper, cleaning agents, mixing knife.

3. The commonly used solder alloy composition is Sn / Pb alloy, and the alloy ratio is 63/37.

4. Paste in the main components are divided into two major parts of tin powder and flux.

5. Flux in the welding of the main role is to remove oxide, destruction of surface tension tin melt, to prevent re-oxidation.

6. Solder paste in the tin powder particles and Flux (flux) volume ratio of about 1: 1, the weight ratio of about 9: 1.

7. Paste the principle of access is the first-in first-out.

8. Paste in Kaifeng use, to go through two important process temperature, stirring. 9. Common steel production methods are: etching, laser, electroforming.

10. SMT full name is Surface mount (or mounting) technology, the Chinese meaning for the surface adhesion (or mount) technology.

11. ESD is the full name of Electro-static discharge, the Chinese meaning for electrostatic discharge.

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