High Frequency PCB Tolerance Is Strong

- Aug 09, 2017-

High-frequency PCB production process, which comprises the following steps: open material; grinding plate; drilling; gong trough; plasma processing; sandblasting; copper; plate electricity; film: in step F on the PTFE sheet Paste the photosensitive film; graphics transfer; graphics etching; back film; V-CUT; green oil; text; It is an object of the present invention to overcome the shortcomings of the prior art and to provide a process for producing a high frequency PCB having a relatively simple process, High Frequency PCB a relatively high product yield and a relatively low production cost.

Use features

First, the high-frequency PCB dielectric constant is small and stable, because the circuit board high dielectric constant is likely to cause signal transmission delay, High Frequency PCB so usually the smaller the smaller the dielectric constant, and in order to make high-frequency PCB in use To the good transmission of the signal is usually the signal transmission rate and the dielectric constant of the square inversely proportional to the situation.

Second, because the dielectric loss of the signal transmission quality has a greater impact, High Frequency PCB usually choose high-frequency PCB dielectric loss of the smaller circuit board in the signal loss is also relatively small, which will not affect the overall equipment signal transmission The performance of the device has changed.

High-frequency PCBs with induction heating technology have been widely used in the communications industry, network technology and high-speed information processing systems to meet the requirements of many high-precision parametric instruments. Reliable high-frequency PCB, High Frequency PCB in the actual production provides a great help. So, what are the advantages of such a powerful high-frequency PCB?

Dielectric constant of the high-frequency PCB, the loss will be very small, High Frequency PCB and advanced induction heating technology to achieve the goal of heating demand, the efficiency is very high. Of course, focus on efficiency at the same time, there are environmental characteristics, High Frequency PCB very suitable for the development of today's society.

Second, fast

The transmission speed is inversely proportional to the square root of the dielectric constant, meaning that the smaller the dielectric constant, the faster the transmission speed. High Frequency PCB This is the advantage of high-frequency PCB, it uses a special material, not only to ensure that the characteristics of small dielectric constant, but also to maintain the stability of the operation, for signal transmission is very important.

Third, the control can be large

Widely used in various industries on the precision metal material heat treatment needs of high-frequency PCB, in its field of technology, not only can achieve different parts of the heating parts, High Frequency PCB but also for the local characteristics of the focus of heating, whether it is the surface or deep, Concentrated or decentralized heating, can be easily completed.

Fourth, strong tolerance

Dielectric constant and medium, the environment will have certain requirements, especially in the south, wet weather will seriously affect the use of circuit boards. High-frequency PCBs made from highly water-absorbing materials can challenge this environment, as well as the advantages of resistance to chemical corrosion, High Frequency PCB high moisture resistance and great peel strength, so that high-frequency PCB to play a strong performance.

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