FPC Has Good Flexural Properties

- Sep 11, 2017-

FPC: Generally referred to as flexible circuit boards.

FPC is a highly reliable, excellent flexible printed circuit board made of polyimide or polyester film as the base material. With high density of wiring, light weight, thin thickness, FPC good bending characteristics.

FPC Features:

⒈ Short: Short assembly hours.

All lines are configured to complete. Eliminates the connection work of redundant lines.

⒉ Small: The volume is smaller than PCB.

Can effectively reduce the volume of the product.

⒊ Light: Weight is lighter than PCB.

Can reduce the weight of the final product.

4 thin: thickness is thinner than PCB.

It can improve the softness. FPC To strengthen the assembly of three degree space within the limited space.

10 major advantages of FPC:

1. Flexible

One of the notable advantages of applying FPC is that it can be used more conveniently in three-dimensional space and can also be curled or folded. As long as the permissible curvature radius of the curl, FPC can withstand thousands of to tens of thousands of times to use without damage.

2. Reduce volume

In the component assembly, with the conductor cable ratio, the FPC conductor cross-section is thin and flat, reduces the traverse size, and can be formed along the casing, FPC which makes the equipment more compact and reasonable, and reduces the load-carrying volume. Compared with rigid PCB, space can save $number.

3. Weight reduction

In the same volume, FPC and wire cable ratio, under the same load flow, FPC the weight can be reduced by about 70%, with the rigid PCB ratio, weight reduction of about 90%.

4. Consistency of the interconnection

With FPC, the error of wiring with wire cable is eliminated. As long as the processing drawings pass through the proofing, all the subsequent production of the circuit is the same. FPC No error occurred while loading the connector.

5. Increased reliability

When using FPC, because it can be in X, Y, z three plane wiring, reduce the transfer interconnection, so that the reliability of the whole system increases, and the failure of the inspection, to provide a convenient.

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6. Design controllability of electrical parameters

According to the use requirements, designers in the FPC design, can control capacitance, inductance, characteristic impedance, delay and attenuation and so on. Can be designed to have a transmission line characteristics. Because these parameters and wire width, thickness, spacing, FPC insulating layer thickness, dielectric constant, loss angle tangent and so on, this in the use of wire cable is difficult to do.

7. The end can be integrated tin welding

FPC like rigid PCB, with terminal pad, can eliminate wire stripping and tin-lined, thus saving costs. The terminal pad is connected with the element, device and plug, which can be used for soldering or wave soldering to replace the manual soldering of each wire.

8. The use of materials can be selected

FPC can be used according to different requirements, the use of different substrate materials to make. For example, polyester films can be used in applications that require low cost. In the application of high demand, it is necessary to have excellent performance and can use polyimide film.

9. Low cost

With FPC, the total cost can be reduced. This is because:

1 due to the consistency of various parameters of FPC, the whole end connection is implemented, the error and rework of cable conductor are eliminated, and the replacement of FPC is more convenient.

2 The application of FPC simplifies the design of the structure, FPC which can be directly glued to the component to reduce the clamp and its fixing parts.

3 for the need to have shielded wire, with FPC low price.

10. Continuity of processing

Because the flexible foil plate can be continuously coiled, it can realize the continuous production of FPC. This also helps reduce costs.

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