FPC Applications Are Extensive

- Jul 05, 2017-

FPC is a short name of Flexible Printed Circuit, also known as soft circuit board, flexible printed circuit board, flexible circuit board, referred to as soft board or FPC, with high wiring density, light weight, thin thickness characteristics, mainly used in mobile phones, Notebook computers, PDA, digital cameras, FPC LCM and many other products.

1FPC Features

1. Can be free to bend, fold, winding, in three-dimensional space to move and telescopic.

2. Good heat dissipation, the use of F-PC to reduce the volume.

3. To achieve lightweight, miniaturization, thin, so as to achieve the integration of component devices and wire connections.

FPC flexible circuit board bending, FPC deflection of the design points

FPC applications in the field and more and more products, our smart engineers using flexible PCB board can be bent, the characteristics of the design of a number of flexible assembly of the product. Board-to-board FPC cable, test connection soft cable and many other products is the use of this feature. FPC When our products do pre-design needs to bend, flexion area to do what kind of design? I believe that many of the initial design of the engineers do not understand, here for your brief description, let you in the design more handy, more with less.

First of all in the product structure design, we have to clear which area in the FPC need to do bending, bending the angle of how much the frequency and the number of bending about how much. Make a pre-defined definition of this. So that the designer and our processing plant has a common point of knowledge, FPC know about the product requirements.

Second, in the curved area we have to avoid the design of the hole, which is the bending frequency and the number of relatively large FPC, must not design holes in this area.

Third, when we lay the cabling area, we try to design the same width, equidistant, close to the geometric center. Try to avoid large copper skin. Really need to help copper should also be changed to grid state.

Fourth, in this area it is best to design a single layer line, FPC at the same time with the manufacturer that the substrate and insulation layer as thin as possible.

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