Copper Foil, I Am Most Worried About?

- Jan 16, 2017-

First, the current status of the copper foil industry.

A serious shortage of standard copper foil. According to CCL data on the shortage of about 3300 tons, slightly larger than the value of our statistics. There is no doubt that serious out of stock - some large-scale CCL plant can not get enough copper foil to meet the normal production / expansion needs. Lithium-ion copper foil is also in short supply. New energy vehicles policy has not yet landed, the downstream business production is not normal, especially in order to adapt to the "high energy density" requirements, consumption in advance into the "off-season." But consumer electronics demand is strong, the overall still partial supply.

Second, the policy disturbance or make the pace slowed.

By the domestic new energy vehicle policy disturbance, investment and large, equipment procurement cycle is too long (prices are soaring), more stringent environmental protection and other factors, enterprise expansion more cautious and rational. Furthermore, Samsung mobile phones and other quality problems, Apple mobile phone manufacturers or to further migrate to the Mainland, South Korea, Taiwan-funded enterprises to expand significantly compared to the mainland enterprises to be careful.

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