Cause Analysis Of Electroplating Nickel Plates Not Placing Tin In Circuit Board Production

- Jan 16, 2017-

1. Electroplating pretreatment: acid degreasing, due to the recent low temperature, there may be some plate or surface solder remnant film / treatment is not net, you can adjust the concentration of degreasing agent / temperature, the other micro-eclipse also pay attention to corrosion depth And board surface color uniformity;

2 gold layer of false plating, nickel layer of washing time is too long or oxidation passivation, pay attention to strengthening the washing time control, here with hot pure water;

3. Post-processing bad; washed after drying in a timely manner, into a well ventilated place, it is best not to electroplating workshop!

Nickel plating problem: nickel cylinder pollution oil or metal pollution is heavy, the proposed low current electrolysis or carbon core filter; PH value is abnormal, with dilute sulfuric acid or nickel carbonate to adjust ok; nickel thickness is not enough, porosity is too high, check Nickel current density, with the current card table to observe the conductive rod current and the instrument shows the current consistency, nickel time, if necessary, to observe the thickness of the nickel layer and the interlayer surface conditions; nickel plating tank additive low / May be such a situation, but the additive may be larger; In addition, the nickel content of nickel layer solderability is also somewhat affected, pay attention to adjust to the best value, too high stress, too low level High porosity;

5. The other should pay attention to all the chemical treatment, cleaning water quality requirements than the general plating requirements to be higher! General city water / tap water, recycled water / well water lake is best not to use, because the water hardness / Organic matter, preferably with chemical analysis.

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