SMT processing in the need to take some measures

- Jan 16, 2017-

First: SMT processing enterprises in the establishment of a comprehensive quality (TQC) network of institutions, so that the quality of feedback timely and accurate. The quality of the selection of personnel as the best quality of the production line, and the administration is still the quality of management, so as to avoid other factors interfere with the work of quality judgments.

Second: SMT processing components or outside the Association of processing components into the plant, before storage by the inspector of the sampling (or all seized), found that the pass rate of less than the national standard requirements should be returned, and the test results written Record the record.

Third: SMT processing to ensure the accuracy of testing equipment maintenance. Product testing, maintenance is through the necessary equipment, equipment to implement, such as multimeter, anti-static wrist, iron, ICT and so on. Therefore, the quality of the instrument itself will have a direct impact on the quality of production. According to the provisions of timely submission and measurement, to ensure the reliability of the instrument.

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