SMT chip curing

- Jan 16, 2017-

SMT chip basic process components:

Screen Printing (or dispensing) -> Placement -> (curing) -> Reflow Soldering -> Cleaning -> Testing -> Rework

Silk screen: the role is to solder paste or patch of plastic printed on the pad to the PCB, in order to prepare the welding components. The equipment used for screen printing machine (screen printing machine), SMT production line in the forefront.

Dispensing: It is the glue drops to the PCB's fixed position, its main role is to the components fixed to the PCB board. The equipment used for the dispenser, SMT production line in the forefront or testing equipment behind.

Placement: The role of surface mount components is accurately installed to the PCB fixed position. The equipment used for the placement machine, SMT chip production line in the back of the screen printing machine.

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