Sample PCB quotation and price calculation

- Jan 16, 2017-

First, the impact of the first model of the PCB is the cost of expedited, because the proofing requirements are relatively tight, with this factor is great, the general model of single-double 24-hour expedited delivery if you do may be charged About 200 yuan in urgent costs.

Second, the invoice costs, and some electronics factory financial formalities are very formal, so each occurrence of the procurement projects need to provide invoices, we all know very well that the votes are to tax, so the general circuit board manufacturers will also Add this invoice to the price.

Third, the cost of delivery, the general co-operation for a long time and the region will be relatively close to the city of free drivers, while the amount of cooperation is far less and the area will take the courier, ordinary courier generally do not charge, related to the price comparison High freight may be charged, see the specific freight rates courier company website.

Fourth, flying probe test costs, the general model of the small number of simple and most of the data are not flying or flying test all free of charge, involving a very complex and a large number of data will take up the circuit board manufacturer's machine, so fly measurement There will be charges.

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