Rigid PCB

- May 10, 2017-

HongTai is specializing in rigid PCB which include Double side PCB, Multi-layer PCB,PTFE PCB, Ceramic PCB, Rogers PCB, Taconic and Aluminum PCB .

Layer count : 1-40 layers

Material: FR4, CEM1, Rogers, Teflon /F4BK, Ceramic, Aluminum, Taconic, etc.

Copper thickness: 0.5-6OZ

Board thickness: 0.2-7.0mm

Treatment: HASL, Lead free HASL, ENIG, immersion tin, immersion silver, OSP etc

Solder-mask: Green, Red, White, Yellow, Black, Blue

Silkscreen : White,Black,Yellow

We can provide quick turns prototype and small quantity PCBs with short lead time.

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