PCB board is not the thinner the cheaper

- Jan 16, 2017-

The cost of odd-numbered PCBs is slightly lower than that of even-numbered PCBs, but the cost of processing odd-numbered PCBs is much higher than that of even-numbered PCBs. The cost of processing the inner layers is the same, but the foil / core structure is obvious Of the increase in the outer layer of processing costs.

Odd layer PCB on the basis of the structure of the nuclear structure to increase the non-standard laminated core layer bonding process. Compared with the nuclear structure, the addition of foil in the core structure of the factory production efficiency will decline. Prior to lamination bonding, the outer core requires additional processing, which increases the risk of scratches and etch errors in the outer layer.

See the above, I believe many people should understand that the actual PCB board is not to say that the thinner the more cheap, it is defined according to different products, perhaps a product in reducing the area or reduce the cost of Will be much cheaper, but the electronic products as a technical product, its functionality is still a big difference.

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