LED chip processing which needs several equipment

- Jan 16, 2017-

Modern solder paste printing press usually by the plate, plus Paste, embossing, transmission circuit boards and other organizations. Its operating principle is: first printed circuit board will be fixed in the printing positioning table, and then left and right by the scraper of the printing machine to solder paste or red plastic leakage through the steel screen printed on the corresponding pad on the PCB printed on the leakage, Transfer station to the placement machine for active patch.


Led placement machine using linear or linear motor principle to control the drive head; together to equip a professional spun glue suction nozzle, so in the placement process, only to do the utmost to eradicate sticky material, rejection materials such as production defects; Led placement machine Tank chain needs to meet the tolerance and ductility, so as to ensure its stability and service life.

Lead-free reflow soldering

So-called reflow, in surface mount technology (SMT), refers to the ingot or rod-shaped solder alloy, by melting and re-formed into a tin powder (ie, spherical ball of small balls), then the distribution (Flux) distribution into solder paste; and by printing, foot, patch, and re-melting and re-melting process into a metal solder joints, Reflow Soldering (reflow). This is a lot of Chinese translation of the word, such as reflow, reflow, back welding (Japanese translation) welding, re-welding, etc .; are loose solder paste back again, and the healing and become solder joints, Called the welding. But in order to have been popular with the term to not too far away, and thinking literally no roundabout or tour meaning, but there is once again back to the molten state and the end of the internal welding, it is now called reflow.

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