IC billions of funds lead to capital heat: urgent need to strengthen the top design

- Jan 16, 2017-

Long-awaited, was the industry called "big fund" of 120 billion national IC industry investment fund was officially opened, opened the domestic chip industry investment curtain. October 14, the General Office of the Ministry of Industry issued a message, announced that the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund was set up on September 24, focusing on investment in integrated circuit chip manufacturing, taking into account chip design, packaging and testing, equipment and materials industries, the implementation of market Operation, professional management. The industry generally believe that the national fund is bound to leveraging a larger scale local government investment, integrated circuit industry has entered the policy dividend-driven stage. But the chip industry, a large number of sophisticated technology makes the industry can not be achieved overnight, the industry experts suggest that the Government and the market to give full play to the role of the "two hands", the relevant government departments to do top-level design, Beware of sports-style Destructive Enthusiasm and capital Chip companies will need to follow the law of the market survival of the fittest, to enhance the ability of industry M & A investment, through mechanism innovation to attract talent, bigger and stronger to cultivate leading enterprises.

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