High performance direct imaging system to solve PCB manufacturing problems

- Jan 16, 2017-

Printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing plant is the cornerstone of the electronics industry, PCB line has long been to the fine line distance, multi-layer technology and other high-end sustainable development, especially in the new generation of smart phones, laptops and tablet computers , As well as wearable devices and many other popular consumer electronics products under the vigorous development, making the use of soft board soared, but also more and more broad application areas, a large number of the need for more advanced technology, high-density interconnect design, HDI PCB line distance is extremely small, the process can not make judgments with the naked eye, so only rely on advanced automation optics and laser direct imaging and other high-end process solutions, the current trend is in full swing, such as Apple and other smart phones, and A new generation of wearable equipment.

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