Flip chip to accelerate the LED packaging revolution

- Jan 16, 2017-

With the mounting chips are increasingly intense competition, packaging enterprises in the middle of thinking about how to get rid of income is not increased profits, a new chip packaging technology has attracted the attention of the industry, and even many industry insiders predict that the process will become the future LED packaging mainstream technology, which is flip chip technology.

Especially this year, this change is particularly evident. A few years ago, only the flip-chip technology for the technical reserves of the public manufacturers, such as Ronda, crystal power, cross-strait optoelectronic manufacturers have launched a flip-chip technology based on new products, but also further confirms the flip chip market, the arrival of spring .

Samsung LED General Manager of China, Mr. Tang Guoqing clear: 2014 LED flip chip technology prevails, its technical performance advantages and future market prospects, will be more and more by chip, packaging manufacturers attention will accelerate the LED packaging revolution .

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